(By – Satyajit Pattanaik)

(Imparting justice should go hand in hand with pandemic precautions) 

Considering the primacy of judicial function  over all other issues during the Pandemic due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay through its notice on 3rd May has notified to increase the number of benches and shifts for hearing urgent cases through video conferencing across all the said benches in order to reduce the physical presence of the lawyers, litigants and court staff in the court’s arena.

Justice Dipankar Datta, the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court has nominated a number  of Judges of Bombay High Court to hear  judicial matters of urgent nature and  the admission of matters at the Principal Seat of the said court through video conferencing. Besides, it was also notified that, if the list of matters is not exhausted, the remaining matters would stand over to the next working day of the court and the Court taking admission matters will take only 30 matters on Court working day. If more than 30 praecipes are received then the matters of remaining praecipes will be listed on next Court working day.

The court has also notified a separate special procedure to be adopted for hearing of admission matters and the same has been published separately on the official website of the  Bombay High Court.