Trying to normalise the  judicial function amid the continuing brutal effect of Covid-19, at least three judges of the High Court of Madras have been tested positive for the said virus which has led to limit the functioning of the said court to hearing the urgent matters only.

Subsequently the administrative committee decided to revert back to hearing only the urgent matters through certain number of benches. The committee was of opinion that only two division benches and four single judge benches out of thirty three judges in total will be hearing the matters of aforesaid nature. 

The High Court on June 1st ruled out the possibility of physical court hearing in spite of  several plea from advocate organisation and expanded it to video conference hearing of all cases by all the 33 judges in their respective jurisdiction they are empowered with. The administrative authority has assured to put the said detailed notification in the official website of the said High Court. 

It was confirmed that the judges who have been tested positive have not be infected from the spread emanating from the High Court arena but from other personal sources, like from their staffs such as their drivers, cook etc. and one of the said judges has caught the virus from attending a wedding ceremony.  The staffs from which the judges have been infected have quarantined themselves and the all the Judges tested positive have been in home Quarantine. 

(By -Satyajit Pattanaik)