On May 31, the DGCA instructed the airlines to allot seats in flights in such a manner that the middle seat between two passengers was kept vacant. 

The  Bombay High Court has allowed domestic airlines to fill up middle seats in aircraft in strict compliance with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) May 31 order and other applicable rules.

The court had asked the committee, set up to review public health care protocols for air travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic, if coronavirus can be transmitted by mere touch of a person who is a carrier. The committee, in its note submitted to the court on Friday, said COVID-19 virus can be transmitted by touch only under certain circumstances like when an infected person’s droplets from nose or mouth (coughing or sneezing) come in contact with a surface or clothes and another person comes in contact with the surface and then touches his or her nose, eyes or mouth.

The committee said if passengers wear protective gear, mask and face shield provided by airlines, then it would decrease the risk of spread of the coronavirus.

(By – Anupama)