The Karnataka High court on Thursday i.e on 4th June regulated a notice to centre through PIL suspecting multiple orders decreeing the use of Aarogya Setu application for travelling and for employees to return back to their work.

The Authority newly notified making the download of the app in smartphone is obligatory and shall be used by the employees along with those who travel in trains and domestic flights.

However, the petitioner Anwar Arvind, a resident of Bengaluru, who claims to be a digital rights activist,states that the Aarogya Setu’s treaty breaches the right to privacy and other fundamental rights of citizens. 

The petitioner’s main aim was to make the use of the app voluntary as the primary motive of the app  was only “voluntary use” when launched in April

According to him, there is only about 35% of the adult population in the country who has the assess of smart phones, which will lead the app as “favouritism” and will negatively effect large amount of population.  

Arvind also states that, the main function of this application is to contact tracing i.e is to inform the user if she/he come in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, and there is no need to track the user’s location 

He also adds that “No other autonomous country had made a contact-tracing application mandatory for travel and access to public services. Although  countries like Austria,Australia and the Czech Republic have launched contact-tracing applications, they are only voluntary and not mandatory”. 

(By – Durga Bhatt)