A prominent lawyers’ body in the US, the American Bar Association, voiced concern over the case of Safoora Zargar. 

The American Bar Association report notes, “Based on a preliminary review of the proceedings to date, the ABA Center for Human Rights has determined that her detention does not appear to meet international human rights standards.”

Citing United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-Custodial Measures for Women Offenders (also known as the Bangkok Rules) to point out “non-custodial means should be preferred for pregnant women during the pre-trial phase wherever that is possible or appropriate”.

The report further argued, “Given the lack of evidence in the FIR linking Zargar to acts of violence, it is unclear why alternatives to pre-trial detention were not considered adequate by the court in this case.” .

It also pointed to character assassination of Safoora Zargar on social media. “In addition to her legal issues, Zargar has also been the victim of a slanderous online campaign, including falsified and explicit images of her being shared online and through WhatsApp messenger,” the report stated.