Supreme Court takes  suo-motu cognisance concerned with the Covid-19 mismanagement .The Apex Court noticed that the way Delhi government is taking measures for Covid-19 patient as well as for doctors who all are working day and night to save the lives, for a global cause is inappropriate and insufficient. Court has proposed to the Government to file a “better affidavit” in order to do a legitimate work in this pandemic situation.

Justice kaul condemns this act by stating that “The doctors and nurses are soldiers. We are fighting a war. If we don’t treat them properly, how will you win the war? Your approach seems to be that you’re filing FIRs against doctors. You are shooting the messenger, the paramedics, and the doctors! You are suppressing numbers and threatening doctors.”

Meanwhile The Apex Court of the Country has given instructions to the government to rectify all their mistakes quickly as far as mismanagement of the system is concerned.

(By – Sanyogita)