The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the efforts of Trump’s administration and stated that the it cannot carry out its plan to shut down the “Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals program”–this program protects undocumented immigrants brought to United States as children and has allowed nearly 8, 00,000 young people know as ‘Dreamers’ in order to avoid deportation and to remain in the US. 

Chief Justice John G Robert in the 5-4 decision wrote that the administration failed to give an adequate justification for ending the federal program. However, the Chief Justice made clear that the decision was based on “procedural issues” and the Trump administration could try to “readdress them”. This decision was still second this week, in which the court on Monday ruled that ‘LGBT’ workers were protected by a landmark civil rights law. Even in this decision Chief Justice Roberts was in majority. 

Sources: The New York Times

(By- Durga Bhatt)