On 18 June, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recognized that Hungary’s 2017 law “on the Transparency of Organizations Supported from Abroad” (i.e. receiving foreign funds) unduly restricts the freedom of movement of capitals within the European Union (EU) and amounts to unjustified interference with fundamental rights, including respect for private and family life, protection of personal data and freedom of association, as well citizens’ right to participate in public life.

“Today’s ruling is a victory not only for Hungarian civil society organizations, who have campaigned fiercely against this law since its adoption, but for European civil society as a whole”, said Marta Pardavi, Co-Chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC), member organization of FIDH and of OMCT’s SOS-Torture Network.

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders (FIDH-OMCT), which has long denounced this illegitimate administrative burden and obstruction to NGO work, welcomes this decision and hopes it will put an end to the Hungarian government’s constant attempts to delegitimize civil society organizations and impede their work.

Source- BBC News

By- M. Soujanya