China is set to join the UN Arms Trade Treaty to regulate arms sales that has been rejected by the United States; Beijing says in the reports that it committed to promote ‘enhanced’ world peace and stability among the nations. The communist party’s top legislative bodies voted to join the UN Army Trade Treaty designed to control the flow of weapon into conflict zone. 

Chinese foreign minister spokesmen Zhao Lijian informed that “it is another important step of china to support multilateralism and proclaimed it is china’s continuous efforts to maintain enhanced world peace and stability among various nations and its region; and china have always strictly controlled export of military product” 

The UN Arms Trade Treaty require its member to keep a record of international transfer of weapons and prohibit cross border shipments that could violate the human rights and can cause attack on civilian. In a study conducted by Stockholm international Peace Research Institute; it was concluded that China is the world’s second largest Arms producer and is just behind the US.


(By – Siddharth Addy)