Justice Rajiv Narain Raina set down the oratorical inquiry in an order declared to accentuate that people should not be differentiated on the grounds of skin colour or race. The judge was prompted to take up the issue after an African national involved in an NDPS case was mentioned to by a disparaging term in police records in the case of Amarjit Singh v. State of Punjab . The Court was later well informed that the word was used by a witness and not the police, and that it was noted in a witness statement. The Judge, however, focussed that even witnesses must be warmed against using such terms.

Abiding by the Court’s command, the Director General of Police, Punjab declared a circular on June 16 based on the usage of proper terms for acknowledging people from different spheres and nationalities in all official aspects. This circular debar the usage of the word ‘Nigro’ or ‘Negro’ or any such words, including ‘kala’ and other ‘racist’ words possessing any sort bigoted implication in any official case record .

The circular even apprised that any sort of infringement would be considered on a serious note and as delinquency engages disciplinary action. The usage of such racially coloured terms is a matter of high concern. Keeping up with the observations, the Court approached to discharge this matter.