China has utilized the worldwide “war on fear” of the 2000s to outline dissenter and ethnic agitation as demonstrations of Islamist psychological oppression to legitimize its counter-revolt arrangements in Xinjiang.

In August 2018, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination censured the “expansive meaning of fear based oppression and ambiguous references to radicalism” utilized by Chinese enactment, taking note of that there were various reports of confinement of enormous quantities of ethnic Uighur and other Muslim minorities on the “appearance of countering terrorism”.

In 2019, the article leading body of The Wall Street Journal, Sam Brownback, and Nathan Sales said that the Chinese government reliably abuses “counterterrorism” as an appearance for social concealment and human rights abuses.[48][49]Following quite a while of getting tormented for their personality, the Uighur have at long last moved toward the International Criminal Court (ICC) looking for equity.

The Wall Street Journal announced that the abroad delegates of the Uighur people group have recorded proof to the ICC requesting a conventional examination of China and its top heads for human rights infringement.

As per the request, the violations “have occurred on a mass scale and should, along these lines, all be examined so as to find out whether the supposed culprits can be charged and tried.”The top pioneers who have been accused for the wrongdoings incorporate President Xi Jinping, his antecedent Hu Jintao and a few senior Xinjiang territory authorities and military commandants, The Wall Street Journal detailed.

“There is a reasonable lawful pathway to open a case and examine,” Rodney Dixon, Lond legal advisor speaking to the abroad Uighur candidates, was cited as saying.

“This isn’t emblematic,” he included. As the Chinese government doesn’t acknowledge the ICC’s locale, the applicants contend that in 2018 the ICC had said that it had ward to test into the brutality against Myanmar’s minority Rohingya people group as a result of wrongdoing like expulsion of regular citizens occurred in Bangladesh, which is involved with the court.

Comparable extraditions have occurred in Tajikistan and Cambodia, which are gatherings to the court, the Uyghur bunches were said while including that these nations permitted China to repatriate individuals who were later killed, tormented or disinfected.