A letter petition by three practising advocates has urged the Supreme Court to initiate appropriate proceedings regarding the social media group on instagram titled as ‘Bois Locker Room’. The plea has been filed by these Advocates in their personal capacity.

This letter petition has come after the Delhi Commission for Women took suo motu cognizance of the issue and instituted an inquiry in this issue, seeking a copy of FIR registered in this matter with information about the people arrested in this matter and if not then an explanation for the same along with a detailed action taken report. DCW also sought information from Instagram about each admin and member of the group including their name, user name/ Handle, email ID, IP Address, Location, and other appropriate information.

In a 5-page letter addressed to the Secretary General, they have stated that the social media platform have become a platform of public harassment, particularly of women, and Anonymity of the accounts has become an easy medium to threaten whoever you want to and indulge in cyber bullying.
It is also an easy platform to be conspicuous and share objectionable, obscene and private pictures, chats and other messages.

The advocates have urged the Court to intervene in the horrific incident on the judicial side, and address the multifarious issues arising from it, since the incident not only raises the issue of privacy, safety and well-being of women, but also of sensitisation and counselling of juveniles who are engaging in such conduct.

The intervention is also required since there might be jurisdictional challenges in pursuing the inquiry and investigation into this offence due to the nature of the offence and Supreme Court directives would ensure that these challenges do not become an obstacle in timely enquiry, investigation and adjudication of the allegations.